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About us

LEAMED Group s.a.r.l. has been established in 1998. Our company is responsible for the construction of medical clinics and provides all its necessary equipments. Moreover, LEAMED Group offers all medical supplies for home usage and handicapped people.

In LEAMED Group, Honesty primes in dealing with clients. We provide accurateness in handing any request within the least time possible, maximum estimated to 24 hours. As for the medical furniture used in the clinic, it is manufactured according to the doctor's needs regarding the size and colors. On the other hand, the medical stuffs used for only once and equipments are imported with the best quality at the least cost possible (minimum price).

We really appreciate your visit to our company in order to get acquainted with our services. Our staff will be ready to clarify more about our services provided for your clinics and all the medical supplies for the patient's home usage.